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Community Oven

The Community Oven - or The Oven for short

About us

What We're all About

Shane Pine began his hospitality career at 15 as a dishwasher at the Hampton Newick's, 845 Lafayette Road. Interestingly enough, it was located in the exact same location as the Community Oven, which he founded in 2011.Full circle.

He originally wanted to be an EMT (but couldn't stand the sight of his own blood) but pizza sauce, hey, that's a different story - and totally unrelated.

Since those early days Shane's gone on to found a second Community Oven in Epping in 2019 and it's always been a family affair. Friends too. From the talents of his daughter Alyssa and twins Makayla and Patrick - Shane's got them all involved. And rightly so, you spend a lot of time at work, why not spend it with ones you love?

Good deeds aren't out of the question, either. That's sort of where community comes in. Giving back to the area that raised you and brought you up. To date, the Community Ovens have donated more than $1M to causes and nonprofits through their community fundraisers.

But... what you really want to know about is the food. It's OK. We know! It was important to Shane that the pizza be enjoyed on site. Gathering around a table matters, and the Community Ovens provide a welcoming spot for that. The recipes... well... they're the best of what Shane's eaten on his travels and during his time, resulting in the Oven's signature cheese blend and herbs (and a truly excellent pie!). One item he definitely recommends: the chicken bacon ranch. "You don't forget those three flavors, and they really do go together," he says of the ingredients. Sort of like family and food and gathering and good times.

Welcome to Community Oven.